Our goals is to be a resource for, and to help promote, the Tango community in North San Diego County. We want to make it easy to connect both newcomers and experienced milongueros to Tango news and events.

Links for instructors, milongas, Tango culture and more.

Please visit our Facebook Page and follow us on Twitter.

  1. Hi,

    Glad you’ve set up this resource for North County San Diego Tango Dancers!

    Let me know if you’d be interested in writing a guest entry on Ritmo Bello regarding Tango. Also we have a great Tango Meetup.com group that I can get you info to.


    John 😉
    Ritmo Bello San Diego Guide to Salsa and Latin Dancing

  2. Hi, we just started a new blog on tango history…each day we post an event that
    happened that day in tango history…it can be the birth of a famous singer,
    composer of poet, the debut of a film or the recording of a famous tango song…
    you can even search tango principles according to their sun sign

    Can you help spread the word by letting your students know about it or placing
    a link on your blog…there is no advertising or money involved…we’re
    not selling anything, we simply love tango and in particular tango history…we
    welcome any suggestions…..

    If you come to Rome, please let us know…we would be glad to welcome you
    and show you around; my wife and I love meeting and being with people…thanks, have a
    nice day…well here is the link http://todayintango.wordpress.com/

    Oscar Wright and Maria Teresa Ruocco
    66 via ovidio
    00195 Rome, italy
    Hm 06-45437139
    Cel: 340-646-7159
    Web Site: http://www.zentangodeoscarwright.com

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